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Programme and organization

The educational programme  of the Altervilles master degree programme is  a two – year curriculum (M1 + M2).The coursework totals some 700 hours over the two years and includes both fundamental and vocational training.  It requires the student a regular and sustained personal effort , as well as his/her participation in projects necessitating a collective effort.

Studies are highlighted by:

  • A study trip during the first semester.
  • A team-based project (or a research paper completed as part of a seminar) during the M1 year.
  • An academic training course or stay abroad, lasting at least 5 months, during the first semester of the M2.



The two-year coursework is multidisciplinary (Political Science, Economics, Sociology, Geography, Law and History) and addresses contemporary urban issues (mobility, communities, economic activities, etc.). The workshops and seminars strongly involve the students in the questioning and elaboration of urban alternatives.

The coursework is partly carried out in English.